connecting patient and families

Promoting better out-of-clinic health with instant and direct communication

Patients today are empowered with a multitude of medical resources that impact how they learn about the care, drugs, and health related services that they can access. Their perspectives provide valuable insights into how they think and respond to these care interventions. The MyOwnMed mobile app facilitates collection of important patient perspectives and information.  It allows for personalized tailored care plan development and management that seamlessly links to their care or study manager, allowing for real time communication and support of their health outcome goals.

connecting community

building and supporting communities of health

Healthcare research and management is about more than doctor and patient relationships. It’s also about families and communities. With MyOwnMed you can build health systems, study, disease or cultural communities by connecting people and resources through our platform.  This allows you to learn about and support a wide range of information about, families, populations, systems, geographies, diseases, and cultures, to name a few.


When patients and healthcare study teams post and share content, experiences, and build communities better recruitment and retention into your programs results.