Create custom dashboards to manage data

Driving successful outcomes based data and communication

Our platform allows for quick and easy creation and management of a health care research or management workflow, enabling process engineering for both simple and complex steps in patient or study management.

Our unique drag and drop functionality makes it easy to build workflows, create customized analytical dashboards, and manage direct to patient communication via mobile to optimize management for individual patients or sub-populations. These custom dashboards furnish managers of care or study coordinators with overviews of each site or care coordinator’s patients and provide the ability to manage for continuity and standard practices across multiple care managers, clinics, or institutional sites all in real time.

And our back-end database allows for integration of data from multiple sources both within and external to our platform (registries, electronic medical records, case report forms, and more) to be captured and integrated seamlessly into our system such that they are visible and accessible via our dashboard.

Create workflows and data with easy drag and drop wizard

Supporting care management with intuitive workflows

The MyOwnMed system uses an intuitive, flexible interface combined with a toolbox of components that allow providers or study managers to create their own workflow using a simple drag and drop wizard. These workflows can support everything from patient education materials to patient self-management and monitoring tools, and step-wise, time-based care plans or studies. Our workflows also allow for automated or manual digital communication to and from patients and their families in real time.

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